Grayhill, Inc. Solder Lug Termination Mechanical Encoder 71


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Solder Lug Termination Mechanical Encoder - 71 - Grayhill, Inc.
La Grange, IL, USA
Solder Lug Termination Mechanical Encoder 71
Grayhill mechanical encoders combine the feel of our rotary switches with a digital output. They provide an economical way of obtaining Octal, Binary Coded Decimal, Hexadecimal and Gray code output from a rotary switch. Standard products include offerings with concentric shafts, isolated positions and adjustable stops. Typical applications include: Automotive GPS and radios Medical equipment Audio/visual recording/mixing equipment Avionics Transportation equipment Fitness equipment Test and measurement equipment Agricultural equipment Construction equipment Oscilloscopes Pulse/signal generators Customization can include: Custom detents (clicks) and tactile feel Output codes Modified shaft lengths and flats Multiple termination and cabling options Integration into a custom front panel assembly
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Technical Specifications

  Grayhill, Inc.
Product Category Rotary Encoders
Product Number 71
Product Name Solder Lug Termination Mechanical Encoder
Encoder Type Absolute
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