Grayhill, Inc. Hall Effect Proportional Output Joystick 67B


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Hall Effect Proportional Output Joystick - 67B - Grayhill, Inc.
La Grange, IL, USA
Hall Effect Proportional Output Joystick 67B
Grayhill’s joysticks provide the human interface for directional control. They are available with mechanical switching or magnetic Hall-effect sensors for long life. Our NavCoders are unique human interface devices for navigating through on-screen software. They integrate the following three technologies: 4-way or 8-way directional control to navigate through menu options Center pushbutton for selecting menu options Rotational control for scrolling through many options or adjusting an intensity setting such as volume Typical applications include: Dashboard controls on Off-Highway vehicles Medical electronics, including imaging and patient monitoring Audio/video equipment, including professional editing Avionics, including communications and navigation Automotive GPS, climate control, and entertainment Customization can include: Custom detents (clicks) and feel (haptics) Various housing and mounting options Multiple termination and cabling options Custom electronics
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Technical Specifications

  Grayhill, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Joysticks
Product Number 67B
Product Name Hall Effect Proportional Output Joystick
Number of Actuations 1 Million Cycles Minimum
Joystick Application Precision Joystick Controller
Joystick Technology Hall Effect
Connector Cable with Connector, Pin Header
Operating Temperature -40 to 185 F (-40 to 85 C)
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