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Fishers, NY, USA
Fall Protection - Tether Track Bridge System
CEILING MOUNTED SYSTEMS use the structure for support, as the rail is mounted either perpendicular or parallel to the ceiling beams. Should overhead obstacles be present, drop rod hangers with sway bracing can be supplied so that the fall protection system avoids these obstructions. FREE STANDING SYSTEMS may be preferred whenever floor space is readily available to install column supports, when changes in work practices are anticipated, and when a building structure isn’t available. The flexibility of free standing engineered fall protection systems allows them to be easily modified and moved should processes or fall protection needs change. Multiple bridges can be supplied for both ceiling mounted and free standing systems, thus allowing multiple workers to utilize the system simultaneously, while still meeting or exceeding OSHA safety standards. Read through articles on the benefits of utilizing Fall Protection Systems: Creating a Safer, More Productive Environment The Ultimate Guide to Fall Protection & Preventing Workplace Injuries 8 Common Warehouse Problems That Increase the Risk of Falling The Real Cost of Falls and other Workplace Injuries FEATURES & BENEFITS • Enclosed track / easy movement and long life • Rigid runways / superior load positioning – no movement or “crabwalking” of the bridge • Ease of Installation / install on any standard 6" concrete floor • Smooth rolling surface / Easier movement of bridge and trolleys • Multiple track profiles and spanning capabilities/Adaptab le, flexible, and cost competitive
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  Gorbel Inc.
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Product Name Fall Protection - Tether Track Bridge System
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