GIGAVAC GX23 Sealed Contactor GX23


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GX23 Sealed Contactor - GX23 - GIGAVAC
Carpinteria, CA, USA
GX23 Sealed Contactor GX23
Rugged EPIC® Ceramic-to-Metal Seal Rated to 175°C – Reduced risk of fire or meltdown in over-current conditions compared to the less-durable epoxy seal. EPIC® Hermetic Seal – Designed to meet UL1604 for Class I & II, Div 2 and Class III for use in hazardous locations, IP67 for temporary water immersion for 30 min, SAE J1171 - external ignition protection, and ISO8846 for protection against ignition around flammable gasses. High Efficiency Dual Coils – Unlike the PWM coil economizer found in other contactors that can cause cross-talk on your system control power or radiate noise, the GIGAVAC GX23 uses two coils. One drops out after the contactor is energized providing low power to keep the contactor energized. No Exposed Coil Electronics – The GIGAVAC GX23 can operate almost anywhere, even under water - unlike other contactors with exposed PWM coil electronics that can fail in harsh environments. Built-in Power Terminal Safety Cover – Extra assurance of a safer connection without the use of metal fastening screws. Can also be easily permanently removed in applications where not needed. Fully RoHS Compliant – The GX23 is fully compliant and is better for the environment and future generations. Built-in coil suppression – Saves you THE engineering time and parts cost to add external coil suppression. Clear & Precise Specifications – No guessing to SEE if GIGAVAC’s GX23 contactor will work in your application.
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Motor Starters and Contactors
Product Number GX23
Product Name GX23 Sealed Contactor
Device Technology Electro-mechanical
Operating Temperature -67 to 185 F (-55 to 85 C)
Motor Voltage 12 to 800 volts
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