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Solenoid Valve - GEMU® 225 - Gemu Valves
Atlanta, GA, USA
Solenoid Valve GEMU® 225
Construction The GEMU 225 servo assisted 2/2-way plastic solenoid valve has a high performance coil which is hermetically separated from the medium by means of a flexible PTFE bush. The coil is assisted by a servo-control piston mechanism. The valve seal is carried in a pendulum bearing. The valve seal is carried in a pendulum bearing. The electrical connection is made via a plug complying with DIN EN 175301-803. The DC design includes a rectifier in the terminal enclosure, so that the valve can be used with an AC supply. The valve has a manual override and an optical position indicator as standard. Features Suitable for inert and corrosive liquids and gases Corrosion-resistant, therefore suitable for water treatment plants, washing and cleaning installations, the food and foodstuffs industries, the chemical industry, electroplating, titration equipment, for the photographic industry and for laboratory, analytical and medical apparatus. Sizes DN 25 and upwards have additional forced operation Advantages Hermetic separation of medium and actuator Damped action on closure Manual override allows the valve to be opened and closed during a power failure Optical position indicator
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Technical Specifications

  Gemu Valves
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Number GEMU® 225
Product Name Solenoid Valve
Primary Material PVC (optional feature); PVDF (optional feature)
Number of Ports 2
Valve Type Solenoid
Media Gas; Natural Gas; Sour Gas; Corrosive, Inert, Gaseous & Liquid Media; Air; Compressed Air; Chemical
Actuation Electric
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