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Pittsburgh, PA, USA
MV & HV TEFC Induction Motors
Meeting and exceeding standards in challenging applications. MV & HV TEFC motors are commonly used in the petrochemical, power generation, mining and general purpose process industries for various applications including pumps, blowers, compressors, crushers, and conveyors. These induction motors offer lower weight and inertia advantages. These properties lead to higher reliability and more robust performance. Tested at direct full loads according to all major standards (IEEE, API, IEC, etc.), these machines can run up to 3600 RPM with a power range from 110 to 1400 kW. Features & Benefits: Robust squirrel cage Smooth start-up capability: low starting current available. Comfort: Lower noise levels High reliability High Power Factor and high efficiency Compliant with API 547 and 541
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  GE Power Conversion
Product Category AC Motors
Product Name MV & HV TEFC Induction Motors
AC Construction Induction
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