Gaumer Process Electric Fuel Gas Startup Heater

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Electric Fuel Gas Startup Heater -  - Gaumer Process
Houston, TX, United States
Electric Fuel Gas Startup Heater
Electric Fuel Gas Startup Superheaters are used during initial startup of a Gas Turbine. During Startup the heater will raise the temperature of the fuel gas to the minimum required superheat level as defined by the turbine manufacturer. Startup Heaters, sometimes refered to as Black Start Heaters, superheat the gas until the performance heater can maintain the required temperature of the gas to the Turbine in a combined cycle power plant. The Startup/Superheater is placed after the final coalescing filter to prevent any moisture from dropping out prior to the Gas Turbine.The Heater is typically controlled via 100% Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) or Thyristor. It is common to power the heater with a generator during startup. If a generator is used for startup power, it is recommended that the SCR Controlled heater does not exceed 25% of the Generator Duty to prevent cycling of the Generator. A SCR/Step Control Scheme is employed to prevent the cycling of the Generator.
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  Gaumer Process
Product Category Electric Heaters
Product Name Electric Fuel Gas Startup Heater
Applications Gases/Vapors
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