BinMaster, Inc. Level Control Diaphragm Switch BM45

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Level Control Diaphragm Switch - BM45 - BinMaster, Inc.
Lincoln, NE, USA
Level Control Diaphragm Switch BM45
The BM45 provides simple, low-cost point level control with proven, lasting reliability. Designed for use in bins containing non-hazardous, free-flowing dry materials, the BM45 operates by sensing material pressing against the diaphragm switch. When the switch is pressed, it activates a sensitive micro-switch that can be wired to an alarm to start or stop a process or alert to high, medium or low levels in bins. The BM45 is offered in six different models including standard, heavy-duty neoprene, or heavy-duty silicone diaphragm material and either internal or external mounting options.
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Technical Specifications

  BinMaster, Inc.
Product Category Level Sensors
Product Number BM45
Product Name Level Control Diaphragm Switch
Number of Switch Points Range 1 (#)
Device Classification Sensor System
Level Measurement Type Single Point or Multi-Point Level
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