Gardner Spring, Inc. Metric Compression Spring MC041-0530

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Metric Compression Spring - MC041-0530 - Gardner Spring, Inc.
Tulsa, OK, USA
Metric Compression Spring MC041-0530
Precision Metric Compression Springs fit over standard metric sized rods and into standard metric sized holes. These parts are manufactured to strict DIN 2098, Grade 2 specifications. Music Wire is DIN 17223, Class 3 (C) per 1.1200. Stainless Steel is DIN 17224 per 1.4310. Ends are closed only on wire sizes 0.8 mm and below. Ends are closed and ground on wire sizes 1.0 mm and above.
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Technical Specifications

  Gardner Spring, Inc.
Product Category Compression Springs
Product Number MC041-0530
Product Name Metric Compression Spring
Outer Diameter 0.2100 inch (5.33 mm)
Free length 2.1 inch (53.34 mm)
Wire diameter 0.0160 inch (0.4064 mm)
Spring rate 0.6300 lbs/in (1.1 N/cm)
End Configuration Closed (squared) ends
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