Gardner Spring, Inc. Belleville Disc Spring MB0343-019-S

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Belleville Disc Spring - MB0343-019-S - Gardner Spring, Inc.
Tulsa, OK, USA
Belleville Disc Spring MB0343-019-S
Belleville Disc Springs (conical disc springs) are ideal for applications where a large load is required in a small space. Belleville washers are a unique type of compression spring. These springs provide high load capabilities in limited space, and through variations in stacking they can be adjusted to provide either larger deflections or loads or both. Deceptively small in size, these springs can provide loads ranging from just a few pounds up to several thousand. Bellevilles may be used in either static or cyclic applications.
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Technical Specifications

  Gardner Spring, Inc.
Product Category Washers
Product Number MB0343-019-S
Product Name Belleville Disc Spring
Inside Diameter 0.164 inch (4.166 mm)
Thickness 0.018 inch (0.470 mm)
Load 43 to 68 lbs (19.5 to 30.84 kg)
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