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FUJITSU Software Interstage -  - Fujitsu Limited
Sunnyvale, CA, USA
FUJITSU Software Interstage
Complete Business Integration Platform Interstage Business Operations Platform delivers the ability to quickly and easily couple, decouple, recombine and restructure corporate IT systems in the face of changing market demands. This process-driven use of Web Services with SOA provides profound business benefit. Using Web Services in combination with SOA is the perfect approach towards agile Enterprise Application Integration. Interstage Business Operations Platform helps IT managers and developers to rapidly model and integrate their entire enterprise business operations landscape, while ensuring that existing IT assets are fully leveraged. Collaboration Between Business and IT From a functional standpoint, Interstage Business Operations Platform uniquely provides a shared context to improve collaboration between business and IT. The Interstage Business Operations Platform user interface is completely Web based, making collaboration that much easier, especially where business and IT professionals reside in distributed geographical locations. The Interstage Business Operations Platform shared model makes it possible to maximize the alignment between business and IT. This shared model defines the "contract" for implementation, which is fulfilled by connecting top-down business operation components to bottom-up technical services. This unique approach puts the business firmly in charge, by empowering business professionals to directly influence and control IT implementations. Furthermore, the Interstage Business Operations Platform approach gives business managers and business analysts complete confidence that their models are up to date and reflect actual deployed processes. Operational Excellence Interstage Business Operations Platform provides a Composite Application Framework (CAF) and enterprise Master Data Management (MDM) to establish a single view of the business, which can then be continuously and effectively monitored via the platform's integrated Business Activity Monitoring (BAM). This level of visibility makes iterative business operation improvement a reality. It helps the organization to reach operational excellence via analysis of non-performing processes and reduction of process-related friction across the extended supply chain. Finally, Interstage Business Operations Platform enables comprehensive process auditing, which helps decision makers to achieve better process governance. This is necessary to ensure compliance with external and internal regulations and quality initiatives, such as SOX, Six Sigma, HIPAA, or Basel II.
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  Fujitsu Limited
Product Category Collaborative Applications Software
Product Name FUJITSU Software Interstage
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