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Fujitsu Retail Suite
An explosion of consumer-facing devices, in and out of the store, is creating endless retailing possibilities – where consumers will increasingly expect personalized interaction – the customer experience – on the device of their choice, anywhere, any time and every time. These new technologies create new demand and opportunities for retailers to not only reach the consumer at each of these different touch points, but to also leverage the data from these touch points to improve the operations of their store and enterprise. Realizing interoperability, among numerous real-time devices and applications from multiple vendors, can be a complex and daunting task, especially when integrating legacy systems. Extending legacy systems, increasing real-time interaction rates, and ensuring interoperability between discrete functions across the retail operation require a dynamic infrastructure and system architecture. Fujitsu has developed the Fujitsu Retail Suite (FRS) to enable companies to minimize the time, cost and risk of creating real-time interoperability between disparate applications and devices that support a multitude of retailing interactions. The FRS provides the essential applications for running the store – including GlobalSTORE our award winning POS – and includes the infrastructure to integrate the GlobalSTORE application set with other applications in the store, or in the enterprise, or on the web into the current retail environment with minimum disruption to the ongoing operation. GlobalSTORE is architected to exploit the benefits of simplicity and scalability offered by Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). FRS is open and can be used to integrate applications and functions from other vendors. It allows multiple functions in the store and across the enterprise to work together at a granular level in real-time, in such a way that does not require invasive surgery to existing systems. The Fujitsu Retailing SOA is the open infrastructure built on the Microsoft’s .NET Framework, the programming model for building XML Web services and applications that makes the Fujitsu Retail Suite possible. It includes dynamic messaging and services to separate the functions, data and screen formats associated with interoperability in the store – including interaction with other service-oriented platforms.
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