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Training Aircraft - M-345 HET - Alenia Aermacchi
Venegono Superiore, Varese, Italy
Training Aircraft M-345 HET
The Alenia Aermacchi M-345 High Efficiency Trainer (HET) is the latest military pilot trainer aircraft. Aimed at the basic-advanced phases of the training syllabus, the design was launched officially in June 2013 and will offer low acquisition and operating costs. As a replacement for the current Italian Air Force MB.339A fleet, it will also re-equip its famous “Frecce Tricolori” aerobatic team. The HET philosophy aims to offer the superior performance and training effectiveness typical of jet aircraft at costs comparable to high-powered turboprop trainers. Thanks to its modern avionics, considerable external load-carrying capability and performance, the M-345 HET is also suited for operational roles. Life cycle cost reduction is driven by long fatigue life and two-level maintenance, the latter made possible by replacing the expensive general overhauls with the airframe and systems Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS). Avionics are based on the latest M-346 experience and match the standards of the latest combat jets, including HOTAS controls, Head-Up Displays (HUD) and Multi-Function Displays (MFD), the real-time datalink and the Embedded Simulation system aboard the aircraft. The M-345 HET is powered by a turbofan in the 1,600 kg / 3,500 lbs. maximum thrust range. The airframe is stressed for +7/-3,5 g. Operating efficiency is ensured by single-point pressure refueling and on-board oxygen generation (OBOGS), both of which reduce ground support crews and turnaround times.
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