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Defense Aircraft - Eurofighter Typhoon - Alenia Aermacchi
Venegono Superiore, Varese, Italy
Defense Aircraft Eurofighter Typhoon
The Eurofighter Typhoon is the most advanced air defense and superiority fighter currently available on the world market, with multirole capabilities that allow its use for interdiction. Typhoon is in service with seven air forces and has flown for over 220,000 hours, including real operations in theaters including Libya and air policing in Island and the Baltic countries. Constant equipment upgrades, including a new E-scan radar and new weapons, will keep Typhoon operationally relevant for the next three decades. Typhoon stems from a collaborative project between Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain, which translates in the industrial participation of today’s Alenia Aermacchi (with a 19% share and the final assembly line in Caselle, near Turin), BAE Systems and Airbus Defense and Space. The program also involves Selex ES and other Finmeccanica companies, particularly in the avionics and electronics field, which raise the overall Finmeccanica program share to 36 %. A twin-engine, supersonic, single or two-seat fighter, Typhoon incorporates the latest technologies in every area, from structures (with composites and titanium and aluminum alloys) to flight controls (which include direct vocal inputs). The pilot can use a wide range of the latest and most advanced navigation, warning and attack sensors, fully integrated and capable of exchanging data and information with other aircraft or ground stations. All main parameters are displayed directly on the pilot’s helmet visor. The Typhoon entered service in Italy in 2004 and now equips the 4th, 36th and 37th Wings of the Italian Air Force. In addition to the four partner nations, which have already ordered 472 Typhoons, international customers include Saudi Arabia (72 aircraft), Austria (15) and Oman (12).
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