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Helicopter - AW149 - AgustaWestland
Cascina Costa di Samarate, Varese, Italy
Helicopter AW149
The AW149 is the brand new medium category helicopter, designed to provide versatile battlefield support, with excellent performance characteristics and competitive economics, certified to the latest CS29 standards. The aircraft provides excellent payload and range capabilities and features a large, unobstructed cabin for rapid reconfiguration to meet mission demands. The cockpit features advanced, open-architecture systems with AgustaWestland software, which enables the easy integration of customer-specific avionics and mission systems quickly and cost-effectively. Operators benefit from a modern, effective MSG-03 maintenance concept. Leading Features MTOW: 8 tonnes class Power plant: 2 x General Electric GE CT7-2E1 (2,000 shp class each) with FADEC and built-in particle separator and one APU (60 kW) Crew/passengers: 1 or 2 pilots with 18 troops Technical Data Weight MTOW 8 tonne class Powerplant Two engines, General Electric GE CT7 - 2 E1 with FADEC AEO Take off power 2 x 1,479 kW 2 x 1,983 shp OEI 2.5 min contingency power 1,570 kW 2,104 shp One APU (60 kW) Accommodation Pilots/Troops 1 or 2 + 18 troops Up to 6 Stretchers Performance (ISA, S.L., MGW) VNE (IAS) 313 km/h 169 kt Cruise Speed 287 km/h 155 kt Rate of Climb 9.9 m/s 1,960 ft/min HOGE 2,670 m 8,770 ft Service Ceiling 4,572 m 15,000 ft OEI service ceiling 2,680 m 8,800 ft Range* 800 km 430 nm Endurance* 4 hour Dimensions Overall lenght ** 17.60 m 57 ft 09 in Overall height ** 5.06 m 16 ft 07 in Cabin Volume 11.2 cu. m 395.5 cu. ft Baggage Volume 2.4 cu. m 84.7 cu. ft * No reserve, with std tanks ** Rotors turning
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