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500 Series Aircraft - ATR 72-500 - ATR
Roma, Italy
500 Series Aircraft ATR 72-500
The ATR 72 is recognized as the most cost-effective regional aircraft, positioning it as the industry reference to serve both low-cost/low yields environment. A range of improvements in the field of noise and vibration reduction has been implemented namely: An efficient and technologically advanced acoustic treatment of the structure with the installation of Dynamic Vibration Absorbers and skin damping. Cabin interiors engineered for maximum noise attenuation and optimum comfort, through advanced materials and absorbent panels and carpets, and additional overhead bins including handrail to facilitate passengers and crew movement along the cabin. Powered by PW 127 engines, the ATR 72-500 provides outstanding short field performance for an aircraft of this size, even on difficult "hot and high" airfields.
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Product Category Aircraft
Product Number ATR 72-500
Product Name 500 Series Aircraft
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