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First Generation Aicraft - ATR 72-200/-210 - ATR
Roma, Italy
First Generation Aicraft ATR 72-200/-210
The ATR 72 is derived from the ATR 42 with a 4.5 m stretched fuselage. The two aircraft feature a high degree of commonality: the same cross section, the same cockpit for cross-crew qualification. Offering a standard capacity of 66 seats, the ATR 72-200 is equipped with two PW124B engines, rated at 2,400 SHP each. The derivative version of the basic ATR 72, the ATR 72-210 is equipped with two higher power 2,750 SHP PW127 engines. Main characteristics of the -210 version are excellent "hot & high" and short field capabilities. It also features enhancements to cabin comfort particularly in terms of advanced internal noise treatment and superior cabin air conditioning. A leader in its market segment, the ATR 72 has won hundred orders worldwide and achieves an in-service dispatch reliability largely exceeding 99 %.
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Product Category Aircraft
Product Number ATR 72-200/-210
Product Name First Generation Aicraft
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