Filter 1 Clean Air Consultants Self-Cleaning Cartridge Air Cleaners AC 6-85-7.5


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Self-Cleaning Cartridge Air Cleaners AC 6-85-7.5
Flowtron AC Series Self-Cleaning Cartridge Air Cleaners Quiet, Efficient Operation The Flowtron Air Cleaner is packed with design features that go straight to the bottom line. The film-laminated media is state-of-the-art for collecting fine dust in heavy concentrations from a wide range of welding, grinding, and finishing operations. The large capacity dust filters clean thoroughly off-line for the lowest cost per pound of collected dust, and the low-speed backward inclined blower reduces the energy cost of moving the air. SRR Self-Cleaning System As compressed air reaches near-sonic velocity exiting from our Sonic Resonating Rapper™, its whipping motion raps the inside of the cartridge, dislodging even the material deeply packed into the pleats. Features Efficient Air Movement: Backward-inclined, airfoil blower: 1800 RPM, 22.5 dia., 5000 cfm. Ducted dual discharge Quiet Operation: Internal blower silencer: 78dBA Easy Dust Disposal: Hopper or Tray Design Effective Filtration: High-efficiency filters are vertically oriented, large capacity, film-laminated media, with Sonic Resonating Rapper™ cleaning. Durable Construction: Heavy gauge (12 & 16 ga.) all-welded steel cabinet
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  Filter 1 Clean Air Consultants
Product Category Air Purifiers
Product Number AC 6-85-7.5
Product Name Self-Cleaning Cartridge Air Cleaners
Application Industrtial
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