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Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope - Phenom Pro - Phenom-World BV
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope Phenom Pro
The Phenom Pro desktop SEM is one of the most advanced imaging models in the Phenom series. With its long-life high-brightness CeB6 electron source, the Phenom Pro creates state-of-the-art images with a minimum of user maintenance intervention. The backscattered-electr on detector (BSED) and detection chain are optimized to work together and give results with unmatched signal-to-noise images on a large variety of samples. The Phenom Pro can be upgraded with a Pro Suite system. The Pro Suite system offers a variety of software applications that will automate data collection and image interpretation. Some examples are Fibermetric - automated measurements and classification of fiber and filter samples, 3D Roughness Reconstruction, and Automated Image Mapping - an automated way of collecting high-resolution overview images. A large variety of sample holders is available for facilitating the fast loading of any sample into the Phenom. From long axial-shaped samples to moist biomaterials, there is always a suitable container for the sample that needs to be analyzed. The Phenom Pro is a complete and ready-to-go system. The imaging unit, the 19' monitor, rotary knob, power supply, pre-vacuum pump and standard sample holder are included. Unpack, install and it's ready for action without the need for a PC, laptop or other peripherals. Key Specifications Magnification range 20 - 100,000x Long-lifetime high-brightness source (CeB6) 5 kV and 10 kV acceleration voltages for outstanding high-resolution SEM images NEW: new customer functionality which gives the user the possibility to set the voltage anywhere between 4.8kV and 10 kV Sample loading in less than 30 seconds Full color navigation camera 20 – 120x magnification Ready to run all Pro Suite software applications Very low energy consumption
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  Phenom-World BV
Product Category Microscopes
Product Number Phenom Pro
Product Name Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope
Microscope Type Scanning Electron Microscope
Accelerating Voltage 5 to 10 kilovolts
Grade Benchtop
Features Digital Display
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