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Application Deployment - iWorkflow - F5 Networks, Inc.
Seattle, WA, USA
Application Deployment iWorkflow
Accelerate deployment while reducing risk. Manually deploying your applications and services is time-consuming and error-prone. iWorkflow is a virtual appliance that serves as a platform for deploying application delivery policies. Through highly configurable, administrator-define d L4–L7 service templates (iApps), your deployments take place in minutes rather than days. Delays = money lost. Responding to infrastructure changes or delays in releasing software costs money. iWorkflow enables the orchestration of services and the automation of tasks to save you time (and money) in your application deployment. Simpler, safer, smarter. Every time you configure a device, you increase the chance of error. By streamlining the deployment process, your team not only saves valuable time, but also reduces your organization’s exposure to operational risk. Plays well with others. The iControl REST API and Software Development Kit (SDK) make integration with third-party management and orchestration systems a core capability of iWorkflow. By working with multiple platforms, including Cisco APIC, VMware NSX, and the BIG-IP system, iWorkflow makes your organization more agile—defined by policy, not devices.
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  F5 Networks, Inc.
Product Category Collaborative Applications Software
Product Number iWorkflow
Product Name Application Deployment
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