ExxonMobil Chemical Company – Synthetic Base Stocks Adipate Ester Base Stock Esterex™ A41

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Adipate Ester Base Stock Esterex™ A41
Esters Ranging from disbasic to polyol, Esterex™ esters are organic esters well-suited for lubricant applications, including automotive, textile, industrial, aviation, turbine and compressor lubricants. They can be used as a stand-alone base stock or in combination with other fluids. Most Esterex esters are inherently biodegradable,* making them an appropriate choice for applications in which a lubricant is in contact with the environment. Benefits Good thermal and oxidative stability Low volatility Detergency and dispersancy Lubricity Biodegradability* *Biodegradability is defined by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as meeting specific biodegradation criteria under defined testing conditions. For more information on the specific product and testing information for our various grades of Esterex materials which have all been tested to OECD 301F and 301B.
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  ExxonMobil Chemical Company – Synthetic Base Stocks
Product Category Chemical Additives and Agents
Product Number Esterex™ A41
Product Name Adipate Ester Base Stock
Applications Oils & Fuels
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