Quantic Evans Tantalum Hybrid Capacitor TDD

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Tantalum Hybrid Capacitor - TDD - Quantic Evans
East Providence, RI, United States
Tantalum Hybrid Capacitor TDD
Lowest ESR & highest power density option. TDD series Hybrid Capacitors utilize a sintered tantalum anode and ruthenium oxide coated cathode operating in aqueous with additive electrolyte. The components are hermetically sealed in a welded tantalum case with a glass-to-metal anode terminal seal. TDD series Hybrid Capacitor combine high capacitance and low ESR in a fully hermetic tantalum package for High reliability Defense and Aerospace applications where weight and volume are at a premium. Especially suited for high power pulse applications, with excellent heat transfer and low inductance.
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Technical Specifications

  Quantic Evans
Product Category Capacitors
Product Number TDD
Product Name Tantalum Hybrid Capacitor
Operating Temperature -55 to 125 C (-67 to 257 F)
Configuration / Form Factor Leaded Capacitor
Technology Ultracapacitor; Hybrid Electrolytic-Electrochemical
Capacitance Range 1500 to 240000 microF
WVDC 10 to 125 volts
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