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Turn-A-Round Screws: have revolutionized the timing screw world and because of this, Ernst has answered this call by making sure we can produce the smoothest running screws on the market. Ernst has been making Turn-A-Round Screws for 30 years, long before the competition even cut their first Straight Root Screw. Turn-A-Round Screws can be cut to discharge on any degree needed (45° , 90° , 210° etc.). All T.A.R. Screws can be run on Ernst Drive Systems. Orienting (Figure 5): This requires a custom-designed shape to enable precise positioning of oddly shaped containers that could normally travel in two positions but, with this screw design, can be made to travel with either a point or a flat surface facing the screw. Figure 5. Orienting Twisting: Usually performed on found containers to accomplish air cleaning, bottle washing, bottom coding, labeling or cartooning. Using specially shaped guide rails in conjunction with the timing screw, a vertical container can be twisted from an upright position with the opening at the top to an inverted position with the opening at the bottom. A container can be taken from a vertical to a horizontal position to run from along side to on top of the timing screw. Turning (Figure 8): This configuration utilizes a pair of equal length of staggered length screws also known as rotational orienting or turn-around designs. They can orient containers in any required axial position between 0° and 360°. Used for turning of containers in group fillers to occupy less space, this design enables filling spouts to be grouped on shorter centers. This same action can be used to assist in labeling operations. It can also turn containers between such operations as primary labeling and the attachment of secondary labels of literature. Figure 8. Turning Body and neck stabilizing: Timing screws can be mounted one above the other to increase the stability of tall and unstable bottles, particularly those with multiple cross sections such as a square body with a round neck. For example, using a larger screw on the bottom and a smaller screw in the cap or neck area, both screws are kept running uniformly in pitch. Where the control of the tall, unstable container becomes even more critical is in such functions as labeling, coding and video inspection. Shingling (Figure 9):This function is performed by a pair of screws of different lengths with equal infeeds, that will offset a square or rectangular container. Because of their sharp corners and little or no radius, square of rectangular containers must first be offset to enable a thread form to better separate, accelerate and control this type of container.
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