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Combining and Dividing Timing Screws
Combining (Figure 6): A particularly useful design when the output of two lines is needed to be made into one. Some examples are when two unscramblers are needed to supply a single packaging line, the merging of two products into combination packages or the merging of two lines into one or more packaging operations. This design is accomplished by pairing two screws of the same configuration, allowing two lines of containers to be merged into one. While these two screws are identical, their axial positions are 180° apart, thus enabling alternate container feeds from two different converging lines. Figure 6. Combining Dividing (Figures 7 and 10): One of the most functional designs, this pair of timing screws can evenly distribute a single line of containers into multiple lanes. This screw configuration can also divide a supply of containers between machines of lesser capabilities. For example, a multiple case packing operation requiring a single line can be divided at high speeds into multiple lanes.
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