Epoxy Technology Biocompatible, Thermally Conductive Epoxy EPO-TEK® MED-T905BN-3


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Biocompatible, Thermally Conductive Epoxy - EPO-TEK® MED-T905BN-3 - Epoxy Technology
Billerica, MA, United States
Biocompatible, Thermally Conductive Epoxy EPO-TEK® MED-T905BN-3
EPO-TEK® medical grade (or biocompatible) epoxy adhesives are used extensively throughout the healthcare and biotech industries.  Device manufacturers making cardiac, ophthalmic, skeletal and neurological implants rely on our adhesives for protection, while the endoscopy camera market requires their optical properties. Additionally, our products are found in dental and surgical tools, catheters and diagnostic probes.  EPO-TEK® epoxies also fabricate the circuitry for bench-top instruments, as well as ensure high performance in radiation detection heavy machinery.  Even lifestyle devices, such as glucose skin patches or wristwatch heart rate monitors benefit from our uniquely tailored products. EPO-TEK® epoxies meet the requirements of ISO 10993. They are commonly used in: Diagnostics/ Scientific Equipment  Disposable/ IV/ Cannula/ Filters  Endoscopes & Optical Systems  Radiation Detection/Imaging Systems  Implantable/Non-Impl antable  Microfluids/ Biotech & Pharma  Surgical Tools 
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Technical Specifications

  Epoxy Technology
Product Category Industrial Adhesives
Product Number EPO-TEK® MED-T905BN-3
Product Name Biocompatible, Thermally Conductive Epoxy
Industry Electronics; Sanitary; Optical; Photonics
Viscosity 2000 to 7000 cP
Use Temperature 572 F (300 C)
CTE 21 to 98 µin/in-F (37 to 177 µm/m-C)
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