EPE Process Filters & Accumulators Pvt., Ltd. Breather TLF Filter TLF-I/TLF-II/TLF-III


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Breather TLF Filter - TLF-I/TLF-II/TLF-III - EPE Process Filters & Accumulators Pvt., Ltd.
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Breather TLF Filter TLF-I/TLF-II/TLF-III
Application Filtration and dehumidifying of intake air for industrial systems. Design TLF.... Filter housing for breathing and ventilation with changeable filter element inside. Filter elements H...XL up to 1mm filtration grade with glass-fiber filter media, water absorbing filter media AS optional. Types: I with female thread, II with male thread, III with male thread (with flange for size TLF III 7-125) and filler filter (130mm strainer).
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  EPE Process Filters & Accumulators Pvt., Ltd.
Product Category Filter Elements
Product Number TLF-I/TLF-II/TLF-III
Product Name Breather TLF Filter
Type Breather
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