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Charging Block - BC - EPE Process Filters & Accumulators Pvt., Ltd.
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Charging Block BC
General The Gas Charging Block is used in order to make safer and more practical the connection of one or more additional nitrogen bottles with a “transfert” version accumulator. It includes the following equipment: Shut-off Valve R that remains open during the operation in order to assure the free nitrogen flow between bottles and accumulator, and vice versa; it should be closed only for a check or for the accumulator maintenance. Check Valve VR that guarantee the nitrogen passage from accumulator to bottles even when the cock R is wrongly closed. Safety Valve VS214 or Burst Disk for the protection of overpressures. Filling Valve PC for the charging or the check of nitrogen pre-charge through preloading set PC-.... Construction: The basic version includes: Body in Phosphated stee with shut-off valve (R) and Check Valve (VR). Nipple for Safety Valve. Female threaded nipple on Accumulator side (A) and gas side (B) Female threaded nipple for manometer (M) Valve with connection for PC Kit. Gaskets in NBR (Nitrile) On request it is supplied with: Body in Nickle Coated Carbon Steel Safety Valve (VS-214) Burst Disk Gaskets in Viton
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  EPE Process Filters & Accumulators Pvt., Ltd.
Product Category Hydraulic Accumulators
Product Number BC
Product Name Charging Block
Operating Pressure 5802 psi (4083 m H2O)
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