Engineered Materials, a subsidiary of PPG's aerospace division Expanded Metal Foils MicroGrid®

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Expanded Metal Foils MicroGrid®
A superior alternative to woven wire, our precision expanded metals are used in a wide variety of applications that require an open-area product. Dexmet expanded metal foils are used for aerospace and wind turbine lightning strike protection, EMI shielding, advanced primary and secondary battery electrode design, automobile bearings and bushings, as well as air and hydraulic filtration systems. All our expanded metals can be tailored to meet specific mechanical and electrical performance parameters. Whether it's EMI shielding effectiveness or lightning strike conductivity, the process of metal foil expansion is infinitely variable and can be fine-tuned to meet your performance specifications. Dexmet MicroGrid® expanded metal foils are available in most ductile metals, or we can work with your proprietary material.
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Expanded Metal Foils for Automotive Applications MicroGrid®
Dexmet precision expanded metals are used in a host of primary OEM and aftermarket automotive products. Typical applications include: low-cost greaseless bearings, high temperature gaskets, airbags, inlet screen and filtration. Dexmet bronze mesh is used as a lubricating material and support structure in bearings primarily for automotive applications. In addition, these expanded metals are ideal for automotive speaker grills & covers, light covers, protective light mesh and decorative applications. Automotive engineers continue to adapt Dexmet expanded metals and some expanded plastics in innovative ways.
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Technical Specifications

  Engineered Materials, a subsidiary of PPG's aerospace division Engineered Materials, a subsidiary of PPG's aerospace division
Product Category Expanded Sheet Materials Screens
Product Number MicroGrid® MicroGrid®
Product Name Expanded Metal Foils Expanded Metal Foils for Automotive Applications
Applications Battery Separator; Electrode; EMI / RFI Shielding; Gasketing / Seals; Reinforcement; Screening; widely used in the aerospace, electrochemical, medical, and automotive industries Screening
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