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Proportional Servo-Pneumatic Control Valve - M2D - Enfield Technologies
Trumbull, CT, USA
Proportional Servo-Pneumatic Control Valve M2D
The M2D is a proportional pneumatic valve. It is primarily used for directional control of inert gases in servo systems to control position, pressure, force or flow. It is also used in systems requiring very high speed pneumatic switching. The valve includes integrated on board driver electronics. The highly efficient bi directional motor driver only requires standard 24v single supply power Features: 5/3 Bi-Directional Proportional Flow Control Linear Force Motor Infinitely Variable Valve Positioning Low Hysteresis High Linearity On-Board Valve Driver
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Technical Specifications

  Enfield Technologies
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Number M2D
Product Name Proportional Servo-Pneumatic Control Valve
Primary Material Aluminum; Stainless Steel (optional feature); Steel (optional feature); Nylon; Glass Filled Nylon
Number of Ports 5
Valve Type Control Valve; Directional; Cartridge; Servo
Media Gas; Inert / Non -Corrosive Dry Gases; Air; Compressed Air
Actuation Pneumatic
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