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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Platinum Temperature Sensors 1206 & 805 SMD versions wire-wound ceramic versions thin-film versions as Pt100 and Pt1000 temperature ranges between -200 and +800°C applications: heating, air conditioning and ventilation, food processing, climate chambers, power plants, general industrial for fabrication into resistance thermometers simple replacement without recalibration through standardised reference values reference values and tolerances to EN 60 751 SMD Platinum-chip for temperatures from -50 to +130°C (170ºC with compatable mounting surface) as Pt100 and Pt1000 for automatic large-scale assembly supplied in blister belt for automatic insertion wrap-around contact with diffusion blockage size: 1206 and 805 format (603 format in development Thin-Film Temperature Sensors with connecting wires for temperatures from -50 to +500°C as Pt100, and Pt1000 special selections available sizes: width 2mm, length 4 mm, thickness 1.1 mm Wire Wound Ceramic Temperature Sensors for temperatures from -200 to +600ºC as single or twin temperature sensor as Pt100 no hysteresis under alternating temperatures sizes: dia. 1.5 to 2.6 mm, length 15 to 30 mm
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  Enercorp Instruments Ltd.
Product Category RTD Temperature Probes
Product Number Platinum Temperature Sensors
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