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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The PXR series comes in several sizes - 1/32 DIN, 1/16 DIN, 1/8 DIN and 1/4 DIN. Besides the standard features including auto-tuning and fuzzy logic, they also come with self-tuning. This innovative feature automatically retunes the controller under certain conditions without the need to revert to auto-tuning. The standard 8-segment ramp/soak feature has been expanded to include two patterns that can be linked to create a 16 step profile. The that is watertight and corrosion resistant. The easy to use 3 button keypad allows easy programming. The rear screw terminal makes connection easy and eliminates the cost of extra sockets. The PXR3 (1/32 DIN) can be DIN rail mounted with an optional adapter. Remote monitoring of up to 31 controllers at a time is possible with the RS485 option that uses the industry standard Modbus protocol. The communications option comes with our free Windowsbased software PXR-LITE which allows programming the controller from the PC and viewing realtime data and a trend graph while logging data into a text file.
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  Enercorp Instruments Ltd.
Product Category Temperature Controllers
Product Number Fuji PXR Series Digital Temperature Controllers
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