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Differential Pressure Sensor USD50
The differential pressure sensors USD50 with piezoresistive sensor and welded metal membranes are used in process and environmental industries. They measure level, volume and mass in liquids as well as differential pressure in e.g. filters and pumps as well as in flow applications (volume and mass flow). Silicon differential pressure sensor, uncompensated bridge output signal with cable connection. Silicon differential pressure sensor Measuring range 10mbar to 40bar Uncompensated bridge output signal (mV/V) High accuracy Repeatable and long-term stable High overload resistance of 160/420*bar (one side) / 240/630bar* (both sides) 316L version Different membrane materials and filling oils available
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  Endress + Hauser – Pressure Sensors & Components
Product Category Pressure Sensors
Product Number USD50
Product Name Differential Pressure Sensor
Sensor Technology Strain Gauge
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