EMX Industries, Inc. Online Opacity Tester System OPAX-1000™


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Online Opacity Tester System - OPAX-1000™ - EMX Industries, Inc.
Cleveland, OH, USA
Online Opacity Tester System OPAX-1000™
Verify the opacity of containers with on-line, high-speed, accurate and reliable measurements. The OPAX-1000™ combines proven sensor technology with innovative hardware to provide an easy-to-use system to measure light transmission in a wide variety of applications. Relative Opacity Units display. High-resolution analog output allows monitoring of opacity by external system. High detection speed with 100 microsecond discrete output response. Adjustable brackets provide quick set-up and integration into your process. Calibration feature allows manual user sensitivity adjustment. Laser-Mark position sensor indicates container positioned for measurement. Unique numerical display indicates measured levels, making process set-up easy. Rugged construction.
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Technical Specifications

  EMX Industries, Inc.
Product Category Opacity Sensors and Instruments
Product Number OPAX-1000™
Product Name Online Opacity Tester System
Display Type Digital
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