Embro GmbH Tailored Fiber Placement For Fiber-reinforced Composites

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Tailored Fiber Placement For Fiber-reinforced Composites -  - Embro GmbH
Auerbach, Germany
Tailored Fiber Placement For Fiber-reinforced Composites
Another field of activity for Embro is the manufacturing of dry preforms using a method called tailored fiber placement. The resulting preforms are then used to manufacture fiber-reinforced composites. As indicated by the name of this production method, carbon fiber strands, better known as rovings, are placed (laid) on a carrier substrate during this procedure. Thus, it is also called carbon laying. The rovings can be laid in any direction within a 360° circle. You could use an expert for textile placement? Do not hesitate to contact us! The so-called roving laying enables us to produce customer-specific three-dimensional fiber structures. Since our composite technology lays fibers selectively, it is possible to extremely reduce the costs for materials, especially in comparison to braided, woven, or knitted materials. Furthermore, it is possible to define sections of the element that are to be reinforced through repeated fiber placement. The choice of materials is absolutely free. While we mainly work with aramid, glass and carbon fibers, it is also possible to use other materials or different combinations of materials. The automated and precise alignment of fibers allows us to optimally use the tensile strength of the fibers for each and every product. Advantages of tailored fiber placement Production of preforms close to final contours High degree of automation Optimal fiber alignment and thus high degree of stiffness Reduction of weight Local reinforcements possible Almost no wastage – hence, reduced costs No additional costs for special tools Large serial production possible
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  Embro GmbH
Product Category Specialty Fibers, Fabrics, and Textiles
Product Name Tailored Fiber Placement For Fiber-reinforced Composites
Type Industrial Fabric; Fiber / Filament; Strands or Multi-filaments; Roving or Yarn; Woven; Specialty fibers, fabrics, and textiles
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