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Multi-Spindle Automatics - VSC DUO - EMAG L.L.C.
Farmington Hills, MI, USA
Multi-Spindle Automatics VSC DUO
The VSC DUO is a twin-spindle machine for follow-on operations. The twin-spindle machines are very economical for the machining of larger batches of small and medium-size workpieces. The DUO is also the machine with the smallest footprint for machining in first and second operation. The DUO machine for identical or different machining cycles with two separate machining areas with two independently programmable overhead slides with two independently programmable disc-type turrets for the machining of follow-on operations (OP 10 + OP 20)
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Product Category Lathes and Turning Centers
Product Number VSC DUO
Product Name Multi-Spindle Automatics
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