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Custom Foil Transformers -  - Electrocube, Inc.
Pomona, CA, United States
Custom Foil Transformers
High frequency, aluminum foil, copper foil, foil winding Electrocube designs and manufactures hundreds of transformers and inductors using aluminum foil or copper foil in place of the standard copper wire used in conventional coil wire-wound transformers. This unique construction technology was first introduced to the aerospace industry by the transformer design manufacturer in the 1960s. What types of transformers does Electrocube manufacture and distribute? Hundreds of Electrocube electrical component designs are available, including specific, qualified designs as OEM or replacement parts for all major commercial aircraft and jetliners, military and defense aircraft as well as many land-based facilities. The efficiency of these transformers exceeds 95% with regulations of 2% to 5%. Aluminum foil transformers Copper foil transformers Foil winding transformers High frequency transformers How do foil transformer designs work? Basic construction consists of electrical grade aluminum or copper foil, temperature-suitable interwinding insulation, fiberglass and nomex sheet insulation. The unit is then vacuum pressure impregnated (VPI) with a specially formulated epoxy resin designed to assist in heat transfer and to bond the components into a stable, dense unit. Produced as isolation transformers or autotransformers in all standard mechanical configurations (open frame or enclosed), foil transformers operate within single phase current or multiphase current parameters of: Frequency: 300 Hz to 10 KHz Power: 25 VA to 50 KVA and up Voltage: Fractional volts 110 to 600V (higher voltages over 600V available) Temperature: -50°C to 250°C ambient (fully rated) Advantages of foil transformers vs. wire-wound transformers? Increased reliability Reduced size Reduced weight Higher ambient temperature operating capability Improved electrical efficiency Increased electrical stress resistance Better overall regulation What industry applications are Electrocube foil transformers used in? Commercial jetliners Military aircraft, defense aviation Aerospace support Common aerospace commodities Electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems Propulsion systems New technology
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  Electrocube, Inc.
Product Category Power Transformers
Product Name Custom Foil Transformers
Power Rating (VA) 25 to 50000 VA
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