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 - 9106876 - RS Components, Ltd.
Corby, Northants, United Kingdom
The Sun Peak SPR modules feature back-contact mono-crystalline cells with a unique structure that yields conversation efficiencies of up to 20%. They are aesthetically pleasing and ideal for off-grid applications Photovoltaic modules made with unique back connected cells. Cells with high conversion efficiency up to 20%. Manufactured in ISO9001 certified factory. Designed to charge 12 to 48 Vdc batteries for off-grid remote systems. Made with high quality materials which qualifies high reliability of modules. Reduced weight and surface. Single packed Power Rating = 30W Open Circuit Voltage = 12V Type = Monocrystalline Efficiency = 20% Dimensions = 510 x 415 x 35mm Depth = 35mm Length = 510mm Width = 415mm Mounting Style = Surface Mount
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  RS Components, Ltd.
Product Category Solar Panels
Product Number 9106876
Efficiency 20 %
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