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Corby, Northants, United Kingdom
The 3AFS400 Series of filters improves drive systems by increasing the applicable motor cable length and reduces motor noise. These filters can also protect and increase engine lifetime. Sinusoidal filters 3AFS400 change the output PWM voltage of frequency converters to a sinusoidal line-to-line voltage. Sinusoidal filters enable the operation with very long motor lines. Shielded lines may be at least 300 m long and with a tuned switching frequency even longer. The use of unshielded motor lines is not recommended in industrial applications. In this case an all-pole sinusoidal filter is available in combination with a common-code switching frequency filter 3ACMF for the generation of true sinusoidal power supplies. If the switching frequency is known a customized sinusoidal filter, to reach a bigger length, could be created.,Typical applications are noise reduced drives and the protection of sensible motors. Maximum Voltage Rating = 3 x 500 V ac Series = 3AFS400 Maximum Current Rating = 2.5A Dimensions = 165 x 160 x 190mm Depth = 160mm Height = 190mm Length = 165mm Maximum Operating Temperature = +40°C
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  RS Components, Ltd.
Product Category IC Electronic Filters
Product Number 8661824
Filter Category Sinusoidal Filters
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