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Corby, Northants, United Kingdom
The Common Mode Filter in Combination with the Sine Filter 3AFS400 (Differential Mode) results in an All-Pole Sine-Filter. The filter allows frequencies up to 1000 Hz and filters the switching and higher frequencies. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality. 8661827, 3ACMF400-100.060: Height: 370 mm, Width: 160 mm, Depth: 290 mm,8661814, 3ACMF400-063.060: Height: 360 mm, Width: 150 mm, Depth: 260 mm,8661818, 3ACMF400-080.060: Height: 370 mm, Width: 160 mm, Depth: 290 mm,8661820, 3ACMF400-150.060: Height: 400 mm, Width: 180 mm, Depth: 350 mm Maximum Voltage Rating = 3 x 500 V ac Series = 3ACMF400 Maximum Current Rating = 80A Dimensions = 290 x 370 x 160mm Depth = 160mm Height = 290mm Length = 370mm Maximum Operating Temperature = +40°C
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  RS Components, Ltd.
Product Category IC Electronic Filters
Product Number 8661818
Filter Category Sinusoidal Filters
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