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Corby, Northants, United Kingdom
All pole sine filters achieve excellent EMC properties, since both conducted and radiated disturbances are minimised. The usage is recommended for filtering the drives of for example elevators, fans, pumps and compressors, which are located in sensitive environments. This includes medical facilities, measuring laboratories, IT or residential areas. Another field of application is found in spatially extended drive systems such as tunnels, wind power plants, mines where often long screened cable must be installed. Therefore the use of an all-pole sine filter eliminates the cost and complexity of installing screened cables. Unshielded cables of any length can be used, ideally ≥100m. Unshielded drive system respecting EN61800-3. No bearing current . Noise reduction up to 10dB Maximum Voltage Rating = 3 x 500 V ac Series = 3AFSAP400 Maximum Current Rating = 7A Dimensions = 205 x 147 x 268mm Depth = 147mm Height = 268mm Length = 205mm Maximum Operating Temperature = +40 (without power derating) °C, +60 (with power derating) °C Minimum Operating Temperature = +40 (with power derating) °C, -20 (without power derating) °C
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  RS Components, Ltd.
Product Category IC Electronic Filters
Product Number 8661795
Filter Category Sinusoidal Filters
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