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 - 558013 - RS Components, Ltd.
Corby, Northants, United Kingdom
Provides permanent high strength bonds, and benefits from a longer open bond time which allows large areas to be covered before the adhesive film dries. Tack time 2-10 minutes depending on ambient temperature. Free from harmful chlorinated solvents . High strength bond. Sheer strength of over 372N per 25mm² Application = Canvas, Chipboard, Concrete, Cork, Insulation, Leather, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Wood Product Form = Liquid Cure Time = 12 - 24 h Setting Time = 2 - 10min Package Size = 500 ml Colour = Transparent Amber Maximum Operating Temperature = +50°C Operating Temperature Range = Maximum of +50 °C
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Technical Specifications

  RS Components, Ltd.
Product Category Industrial Adhesives
Product Number 558013
Use Temperature 122 F (50 C)
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