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 - 132520 - RS Components, Ltd.
Corby, Northants, United Kingdom
A safe, non-flammable refrigerant that has been specially formulated to induce the absolute minimum static charge possible. Avoids the potential danger of build up of highly damaging voltages on static sensitive devices. Ideal for the detection of faulty joints and overheating components in electrical and electronic circuitry and testing of thermo-sensitive components. Corrosion inhibiting formulation. Reduces temperature down to at least -50°C (dependant on the initial temperature of the component) in a matter of seconds. Extension tube aids access to components in confined areas Package Size = 400 ml Package Type = Aerosol Application = Rapid Cooling Freezer Temperature = -50°C
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Technical Specifications

  RS Components, Ltd.
Product Category Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments
Product Number 132520
Type Surface Treatment; Aerosol / Contact Cleaner; Freeze Sprays / Circuit Chillers
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