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Corby, Northants, United Kingdom
The RE62 is a controller designed to control temperature and other physical quantities in various applications such as plastics, food and dehydration industries. The temperature controller is needed in these applications where a need to stabilise the changes of a measured value are required. It has a universal input for thermoresistors, thermocouples or standard linear signals. The RE62 allows dual-point control based on PID or On/Off algorithm and alert signalisation. It has a modern design making it easy to be mounted in standard modular switchgears. Output Type = Current Supply Voltage = 20 - 60 V dc Size = 53 x 100mm Number of Inputs = 3 Number of Outputs = 1 Minimum Operating Temperature = -10°C Maximum Operating Temperature = +55°C Temperature Range = -100 - +1200 (Type J Thermocouple) °C, -100 - +1370 (Type K Thermocouple) °C, -200 - +850 (PT100) °C Communication Module Available = Yes Display Type = OLED
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  RS Components, Ltd.
Product Category Temperature Controllers
Product Number 1236800
Temperature Thermocouple; RTD / Thermistor
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