ECSI Fibrotools Benchtop Electroplating Machines IKo Slim

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Benchtop Electroplating Machines - IKo Slim - ECSI Fibrotools
Raleigh, NC, United States
Benchtop Electroplating Machines IKo Slim
The Slim version of IKo™ CLASSIC™ is designed to fit a fume hood. With the footprint of 17′ x 28′ it enables fitting up to 3 modules in a fume hood for multiple simultaneous operating sites within a single electroplating Station. The power supply is located in prefered separate site. Contamination Resistant FIBRoplate™ IKo™ is fabricated with PVC and polypropylene and a minimum of metal parts to avoid potential contamination of electroplating solutions. Reliable Parts and Easy Assembly Metal features are stainless and titanium. All parts can be easily disassembled for maintenance. The unit is made up of two sections: 1. Electroplating Section Conveniently accessible while preparing wafers for plating. 2. Power Section Rolls over the Electroplating Section for processing. IKo’s arrangement of wafer holder, reciprocating anode, reverse pulse rectifier and pump ensure surpassing performance: Wafer holder, ergonomically designed for easy processing and handling. IKo™ can accommodate various wafer sizes. A full-circle, elastic electric contact provides uniform current distribution. Result: uniform thickness features across the wafer. Reciprocating anode, a proprietary feature that provides an efficient exchange of matter and uniform electric field distribution. Programmable Reverse-pulse Rectifier, contributes to equipment versatility. Reverse-pulse current during processing efficiently controls plating thickness distribution along the Z-axis. Fan-out Pump with constant filtration (regardless of fine filter medium). Provides a constant flow of high-quality bulk solution.
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  ECSI Fibrotools
Product Category Plating and Anodizing Equipment
Product Number IKo Slim
Product Name Benchtop Electroplating Machines
Machinery Type Batch - Vibratory / Ultrasonic; Laboratory / Pilot System
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