Eco-Tec, Inc. Acid Purification for Aluminum Etching or Graining


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Acid Purification for Aluminum Etching or Graining -  - Eco-Tec, Inc.
Pickering, Ontario, Canada
Acid Purification for Aluminum Etching or Graining
Eco-Tec has a range of products that have been developed specifically for treating acid baths used in the production of elctrochemically etched aluminum capacitor foils and electrochemically grained aluminum lithographic printing plates. Leading manufacturers of capacitor foils and lithographic printing plates rely on Eco-Tec systems to maintain production quality and efficiency while reducing chemical purchases and waste treatment costs. Eco-Tec Acid Purification Systems are used to continuously remove dissolved aluminum from acids to keep the aluminum at a consistently low concentration. Systems have been used for purification of the following acids and mixtures. Hydrochloric Hydrochloric/acetic Nitric Phosphoric Sulfuric Features: A range of compact, standard models to provide the most economical package for any aluminum processing facility Uses Eco-Tec’s highly efficient Recoflo ion exchange process and unique integrated cation exchange/resin sorption (DPU) process for the greatest acid savings and minimal waste Complete factory assembly and testing in Eco-Tec’s ISO registered facility assures fast start-up and reliable operation Proven, quality, corrosion resistant components and materials selected for long service life in an aluminum processing facility Benefits: Lower Costs – Reduces acid and waste neutralization costs Less Waste - Reduction in waste sludges, waste salt concentration (lower nitrate, phosphate) Greater Return – Recovered waste aluminum converted to potential by-product of commercial value Greater Performance – Consistent chemistry composition for consistent quality Easy Installation – Pre-assembled, pre-programmed, skid-mounted, pre-tested
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  Eco-Tec, Inc.
Product Category Plating and Anodizing Equipment
Product Name Acid Purification for Aluminum Etching or Graining
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