Eckel Manufacturing Company, Inc. Cold Weather Diesel Power Unit


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Eckel's cold weather service hydraulic power units provide trouble free operation even when the temperature drops below -40°F (-40°C). With the unit enclosed by insulated panels, you are insured that all components will be protected from the extreme cold. Operational control of the power unit may be provided by a optional remote stop/start. The hydraulic tank features a built in heater unit that automatically heats the hydraulic oil to operational temperature within 30 minutes in extreme cold conditions. Being easily adaptable for summer operation, the power unit is an All Weather Hydraulic Power Unit. Opening of the doors and utilizing an optional internal air blast heat exchanger will condition the power unit for summer operation. Custom design and configuration is available to meet your specific needs, and we'll be glad to make recommendations based on your requirements.
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  Eckel Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Product Category Hydraulic Power Units
Product Number Cold Weather Diesel Power Unit
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