EBARA Fluid Handling Large Submersible Cast Iron Wastewater, Sewage Pump DSC4, DSCA4


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Large Submersible Cast Iron Wastewater, Sewage Pump - DSC4, DSCA4 - EBARA Fluid Handling
Rock Hill, SC, USA
Large Submersible Cast Iron Wastewater, Sewage Pump DSC4, DSCA4
The model DSC4, DSCA4 submersible pumps are constructed of rugged cast iron with heavy-duty, high-efficiency motors suitable for industrial and municipal water and wastewater, sewage and flood control applications. The large submersible non-clog pump has the ability to pass large spherical solids and can be installed in wet or drypit configurations. 32 enclosed impeller models with extended hydraulics, higher horsepowers, higher flows, larger discharge and suction sizes, and ICS options now available! Watertight cable entry system with redundant protection ensures safe operation and protects against water leakage into terminal casing; reduces maintenance costs Terminal board provides easy cable connection Heavy-duty, high-efficiency, compact designed motor with thermal detector for each phase of winding; inverter duty rated and FM approved Self-cooling system with cooling jacket eliminates the need for external pumping devices or special heat transfer fluids; offers simplicity and high reliability by effectively dissipating heat Float type leakage detector provides early warning of mechanical seal failure; avoids costly motor repairs Cartridge type, duplex mechanical seals assembled in tandem arrangement provides high reliability and easy maintenance Available with semi-open or enclosed impellers Optional thrust bearing RTD Applications Water Wastewater Sewage Flood control
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Technical Specifications

  EBARA Fluid Handling
Product Category Liquid Handling Pumps
Product Number DSC4, DSCA4
Product Name Large Submersible Cast Iron Wastewater, Sewage Pump
Industry Served Agriculture, Flood Control, Municiple
Discharge Pressure 27.7 to 692.0 psi (19.46 to 487 m of Water)
Liquid Flow 530.000 to 12500.000 GPM (2007.58 to 47348.48 L/min)
HP 50.00 to 245.00 HP
Pump Housing Material Cast Iron
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