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Water-Cooled Brakes - WCB2 & WCBD Series - Eaton Hydraulics Group
Eden Prairie, MN, USA
Water-Cooled Brakes WCB2 & WCBD Series
WCB2 & WCBD Even the most severe clutch and brake applications are no match for Eaton Airflex WCB2 and WCBD disc-type, externally-cooled units. Featuring a specially formulated friction material that interfaces with a copper alloy surface to virtually eliminate stick-slip, these water-cooled brakes can absorb and dissipate huge thermal loads. Whether they’re used in dynamometers, logging equipment, marine mooring systems, slip clutches, tension brakes, unwind stands, drilling rigs or elsewhere, Eaton Airflex WCB2 and WCBD products work equally well with open- or closed-loop circulating systems, maximizing their flexibility. Features Special, high-coefficient linings delivers 50% more torque Dynamic coefficient of friction is greater than its static coefficient of friction Unique optional dual-piston design improves control Thermal capacities up to 5,200 HP (3,878 kW) Torque capacities available up to 7,254,450 lb•in (819,027 N•m) Available in a wide variety of standard sizes: 108WCB, 208WCB, 308WCB, 114WCB, 214WCB, 314WCB, 118WCB, 218WCB, 318WCB, 418WCB, 124WCB, 224WCB, 324WCB, 424WCB, 136WCB, 236WCB, 336WCB, 436WCB, 148WCB, 248WCG, 348WCB, 448WCB ABS/CDS Agency Approval; ATEX Certification
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  Eaton Hydraulics Group
Product Category Hydraulic Brakes
Product Number WCB2 & WCBD Series
Product Name Water-Cooled Brakes
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