Durex Industries Noble Metal Thermocouple Element TDPT


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Noble Metal Thermocouple Element - TDPT - Durex Industries
Cary, IL, USA
Noble Metal Thermocouple Element TDPT
Platinum thermocouples, most commonly ANSI types R, S, and B, are precious metal elements (noble metals) that are used primarily in high temperature applications. The platinum thermocouples provide long, stable service where standard base metal thermocouple calibrations are inadequate. Since pricing of platinum thermocouples is dependent on current market valuations of precious metals, it is critical to specify the actual gauge size of the thermocouple element required. Durex Industries engineering staff can assist you with this process. Durex also maintains a platinum recovery program to reclaim your used elements and provide you with a savings on new elements or assemblies.
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  Durex Industries
Product Category Thermocouple Elements
Product Number TDPT
Product Name Noble Metal Thermocouple Element
Length 3 to 15 inch (76 to 381 mm)
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