Dupont Molykote Anti-Friction Coating Molykote® 7409


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Anti-Friction Coating - Molykote® 7409 - Dupont Molykote
Midland, MI, United States
Anti-Friction Coating Molykote® 7409
Heat cure coating for high loads with good corrosion protection and very good chemicals resistance MOLYKOTE® 7409 Bonded Lubricantis a dispersion of solid lubricants in an organic resin-solvent system. When applied to metal surfaces it forms an extremely adherent, dry film with excellent corrosion-preventing properties and an operating temperature range of -70 to 380°C (-94 to 716°F). The solid lubricants provide a low coefficient of friction and high load-carrying capacity under conditions where conventional lubricants are ineffective or undesirable. MOLYKOTE 7409 Bonded Lubricant is one of a range of bonded lubricants available from Dow Corning, each of which has been designed to meet particular handling, processing and operating conditions. SPECIAL FEATURES Special features of MOLYKOTE 7409 Bonded Lubricant include: High load-carrying capacity Long wear life Excellent corrosion-preventing properties Outstanding resistance to hydraulic fluids, oils and solvents Dry, nontacky film that does not attract dust Good adhesion, even when surface is not pretreated Use in very thin films (down to 3 microns)
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Technical Specifications

  Dupont Molykote
Product Category Industrial Lubricants
Product Number Molykote® 7409
Product Name Anti-Friction Coating
Type Anti-Seize Compound or Thread Lubricant; Fluid / Oil; Micro-dispersion; Anti-Friction Coating
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